From Jahanzeb Sherwani (@jsherwani) Founder & CEO of Screen:

TL;DR: Today, I’m launching Screen (, an app that lets you work together like you’re in the same room. Previously, I was co-founder/CEO of Screenhero (acquired by Slack in 2015), and led the team that built Slack Calls.

Screen has a simple mission: make remote work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

I’ve been using Screen the past few weeks to do remote pairing with some of my teammates. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well things have worked. I’ve also started to see how much Slack has dropped the ball since aquiring Screenhero. There are serious short-comings in Slack’s built-in offering aside from the lack of support for multiplayer desktop control. Most notably, a 15 person limit on group calls.

Today, we’re finally ready. We have a handful of private beta users that use the product daily. We also have interest in our paid plan (which helps us cross-subsidize keeping the standard plan free during the coronavirus outbreak).

If you haven’t given Screen a try yet, I highly recommend it. For a product that has released early, it’s quite stable and usable. I have had some choppy video here and there, but the benefits have far outweighed any of the growing pains.